Newsletter Winter 2018

Message from our Chair

Welcome to the Christmas edition of our newsletter.We really hope you will like it.

I am afraid I am unable to be with you to see the Jane Fox demonstration “Winter Wonderland” as I am attending a conference in Birmingham but I hope you have a really lovely evening.

Some of you may know that I do some research for the National Trust and whilst at the archives recently I was looking through letters belonging to the late Lady Berwick –it was a lovely surprise to find 2 cards in the bundle –one from the Florist Muriel Tipton and the other from Florist Howard Franklin. How nice that two of the Shrewsbury Flower Club members provided flowers for the gentry.

The Club has had a lovely 60thAnniversary year and I hope you have enjoyed the events that have been arranged.

We have also had some wonderful evenings of Demonstrations and workshops

It only remains for me to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

Barbara Evans


The following show some of the things that our members have been involved in this year.

Sue Pearson at Westminster Abbey

60thAnniversary Flowers in the Abbey Shrewsbury

 Westminster Flowers arranged by Christine and Beryl Harding.

Events for next year

A workshop will be taking place on the 22ndFebruary 2019 at the St Barnabus centre with Derek Armstrong.

Other events will be arranged during the year. If you have any ideas for a workshop title please tell a member of the committee.

The 17thJanuary will see us having our New Year Dinner at the Lord Hill Hotel.

The 9th/10thAugust is the Shrewsbury Flower Show. If you would like to lead the team of Flower arrangers or be a part of it please let us know

A message from our President

Dear Members

As I embark on my fourth and final year as president, I can’t believe how quickly it has gone, particularlly this last year – our Diamond Anniversary.  What a wonderful year of celebration, withlots to be proud of.  I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.

Once again, we have another busy and enjoyable year ahead, with more high quality demonstrations,workshops and outings planned.  With your continued support this club can continue to go from strength to strength and if any of you have any new ideas for workshops or alternative functions, don’t be shy, share them with us and maybe we can add something a little different to our programme.

Other than that folks,I thank you most sincerely for your support to me and to the committee generally during the past year and heres to another exciting year ahead.

Debbie Wellington.

Message from our Area Chair

It is now 26 years since in joined Shrewsbury Flower Club, within the first month of moving to your lovely town of Shrewsbury

Now I cannot believe, the incredible honour I have of becoming the area Chairman for the Mercia and North Wales Area of NAFAS following the very sad loss of Kevin Gunnell in April 2018. ( a very hard act to follow).

The past 26 years has been quite a journey, with some wonderful memories of occassions , visits and people along the way. Life has become so busy at times , the catch phrase “plate spinning” comes to mind. However, whenever I am able to come along to one of Shrewsbury Flower Clubs evenings or events, I always feel very much “at home”. I thank you all for that……………I think perhaps, we could all take a few moments to reflect on the amazing times, we have shared and friends we have made through our membership to this great association.

Wishing you continued success of the club, Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2019 to you all.

Jackie Charnock –past Chair and President of Shrewsbury Flower Club.

Kevin Gunnel Calendar for 2019

Before Kevin Gunnell died he made a generous donation of £500 to have a special calender made depicting work of members of the West Mercia Area. The calenders are ready and we have 2 left if anyone would like one. The cost is £6 each.

Some Dates for your Diary

On 21stFebruary 2019 we have Derek Armstrong joining us for a demonstration entitled “The Scents of Spring”

Please bring a friend to the evening or let others know about the event as National Demonstrators are expensive and we need to cover our costs as far as possible.

Start collecting plants or take cuttings for the plant stall on the 25thApril . We also have Beryl Cotton another National Demonstrator that evening so again advertise the event for us.

A change to the programme—on the 28thMarch 201 we had booked Ann Gater from Nantwich –but unfortunately she is unwell at present so she has arranged for Carron White to take her place. Carron comes from Anglesey but also has another home in Tarporley . I look forward to welcoming someone new to our club.

Finally may we take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Looking forward to seeing you in  January 2019.

Barbara, Debbie and Committee Members




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