Shrewsbury Flower Show 2015

Shrewsbury Flower Club were again exhibiting in the Floral Art classes in the Dingle Marquee. Shrewsbsury Flower Club achieved third in the class entitled “Chrystal”.  Our thanks to Jane Pugh and her team for the graceful display with orchids interpreting the theme of 15th wedding anniversary.

Several individuals who are members of our Club entered other classes. Below is a list of the winning entries.

Class                           Person                                  Award

“Gerberas”              Jane Pugh                           Second

“Diamond”             Tina Carser                         First – Rosa Perry Lloyd                                                                                                         salver

“Pearl”                      Debbie Wellington         Third

“A Hat for an Occasion” Tina Carser         First

“Linen”                     Tina Carser                          First

“Forever Love”   Jane Pugh                             Second

“Forever Love”   Debbie Wellington          Third

 “Book”                     Jane Pugh                             First

“Fitfy Shades of Grey” Jane Pugh               First & Colour Trophy                                                                                                             and Gordon Bradley Trophy

View our gallery page to see a few of our members designs. Congratulations to all our exhibitors and winners.

The Shrewsbury Flower Club Salver was awarded to Mrs S R Williams for her arrangement first in class “Lace”



Demonstration by Lieneke van der Veen

At our June meeting we were treated to a wonderful demonstration  by Lieneke .  Trained in Holland, Belgium and Germany and having lived in Norway and now in Wales Lieneke’s designs are inspired by her experiences from her travels. Here are a few pictures of Lieneke’s unique and contemporary designs from  her demonstration entitled ” Inspired by a Variety of Cultures”

Lieneke brings an excitement and wonder to her demonstration in that her designs evolve over time so you won’t necessarily see these designs in quite this form the next time that she shares her Inspirations from a Variety of Cultures.

Lieneke’s website